DIY Minx Manicure

In Lauren Conrad’s new book Style she talks about nail polish being used as an accessory. If you really want your nails to pop and shine then a minx manicure is the ultimate nail bling – but it can be pricy, $55.00 on average, and not too many places offer minx. I’ve wanted to try … Continue Reading

Turby Trendsettin’

Are you ready for the turban takeover? That’s right, turbans are now in style!?!? Yes, that’s a question. Much like some of the judges on E!’s Fashion Police, I’m not sure how terrific the turban trend is or if we’ll all look back in a year and say “OMG what was I wearing,” much like … Continue Reading

Welcome One & All!

Hello and thank you for swinging by. This is Trend Hungry – a brand-new blog here for your reading pleasure. The English language is a tricky one, so let’s break it down to definitions. Definitions: trend (noun) –  current style; vogue. hungry (adjective) – having a craving, desire, or need (for) In short, this blog will … Continue Reading