Alexa Chung’s Menswear Glam

Alexa Chung is like no other – kooky, elegantly disheveled, and always chic. Plus, she’s super entertaining, which is why she’s back to do another tv show. This time it’s on PBS and it’s about finding awesome finds at thrift stores, called Thrift America. The blog world finds this super buzzworthy and with good reason … Continue Reading

Cyber Monday

Dear Fashionistas, It’s Cyber Monday! It’s like Black Friday, but for online shopping and no long lines. That means many of the stores you love are offering free shipping today among other deals. There are too many deals to list, so check out Pick the category of item you’re on the hunt for (ex. … Continue Reading

Sale-Rack Report: Holiday-Ready Ruffled LBD

The little black dress is a necessity –  Not a want, a necessity! It can take you from the office party, to the bar with your gals, a wedding, you name it. With the holidays coming up and cash being tight , spending on yourself has gotta be on the back burner. It’s all the … Continue Reading

Fast & Cheap Root Touchups

It’s official. The holiday season is in full swing. Santa is at the mall. People are already putting up holiday decorations. And radio stations are playing all the Christmas classics. What this means is a busy schedule of working to pay for those presents, many celebrations, and making the traditional holiday preparations. With all the … Continue Reading

Black Friday Online

Tis the season to shop till you drop, but why put yourself through a long grueling day at the mall when you can get great deals from the comfort on your home? This fashionista will NOT be hitting the mall on Black Friday. I love getting deals, hence why I write this blog.  I also … Continue Reading

Scene Stealin’ Sequin One Shoulder

Hey Party Girl!! Thanksgiving Eve is the biggest night of the year to go out on the town. Do it up and feel confident about any run-ins with old classmates, lovers, or frenemies. This dress will knock ’em dead.   Note, this is not for the tame. This sequin number is an attention getter. One … Continue Reading

Friendship Fashion

Remember those cute friendship bracelets and necklaces circa first grade? Life hasn’t changed all that much since then. People are still cliquey and friendship jewelry is still on trend. Here is the friendship-fashion 411. Ever hear of Frieda & Nellie? Me neither, until I read November’s issue of Marie Claire. They make handmade friendship bracelets … Continue Reading

Cape Trend on the Cheap

Love the cape trend, but not so much that you want to invest in an expensive cape? Me too! The cape trend is way haute right now, but it seems like one trend without longevity. So, instead of investing in this beautiful, $400.00, Joie Prescott plaid cape (that you’ll probably wear twice), stick with something … Continue Reading

Funny-Fashionable Greetings

This item isn’t clothes or shoes, but it’s definitely fashionable. They’re Blunt Cards, aka the perfect holiday cards for people with a sense of humor. Don’t send these out to the new neighbors, because they may take offense. Instead, send your college roomie this one. Or check out this one. Blunt Cards cut to the … Continue Reading

Weekend-Worthy Heart Clutch

It’s the freakin’ weekend, have some fun and accessorize accordingly. Your time off is your time to go style crazy. Be fun, be flirty, and dress fun! Leave the plain purse in the closet till Monday and swap it for a fun clutch like this gold heart bag from Forever 21, $20.80.