Statement Bracelet

The new trend-settin’ statement piece – A statement bracelet. Rock a bold bracelet to accessorize your outfit. It can take a plain look from drab to fab, using just one accessory. Less accessories = less money spent = more money for other fashionable purchases you’ve had your eye on. The new year is already lookin’ … Continue Reading

DIY Spa: #4 Mani/Pedi

Having well-groomed nails is a fashion DO and your digits can make great accessories. For an at-home manicure start with clean nails and soak your fingers in warm, sudsy water for a few minutes. Then push back cuticles using an orange stick and cuticle cream. My favorite is Burt’s Bees Lemon Butter Cuticle Cream, under … Continue Reading

Wrap-Flower Coin Purse

So many stores are showing bags with a big flower on the front. Instead try out a change purse with the wrap-flower trend. Check out this find from DSW that comes in navy (pictured), gold, and pink. It’s sure to fit a skinny budget, retailing at under $10.00. Poppie Jones Floral Coin Pouch, $9.95, DSW. … Continue Reading

DIY Spa: #3 Face Time

A face mask from the drugstore is quick, affordable, and will make you feel pampered. My personal favorite has gotta be Queen Helene’s Mint Julep Masque. People have sworn by it for generations and so do I! It’s tingly, refreshing, and it’s so simple. All you do is apply to face and neck, avoiding eyes, … Continue Reading

Trending: Glitzy-Glam Earrings

In Breakfast at Tiffany’s Audrey Hepburn’s character Holly said that you can tell what a man thinks of you by the earrings he gets you. Be liberated. Get your own earrings and make sure they say that you’re fun, glamourous, and ready for the new year. Nobody should take themselves too seriously – It causes … Continue Reading

DIY Spa: #2 Moisturize

Winter temps (it’s finally officially Winter!) equal dry skin. No bueno! Don’t bother spending a fortune on fancy creams when you don’t have to. Instead head to the kitchen and mix up some milk and honey and treat your hands after all that holiday cleaning. That’s right, just use milk and honey, stuff you’ve probably … Continue Reading

Fur Collar Poppin’

Fur collars have been around for a while. A vintage coat that was my grandma’s is the inspiration for this post. Here’s how you can get a similar style right now on a skinny budget. As for me, I need a good tailor so I can make this jacket fit! Luxe Lady This sweater jacket … Continue Reading

DIY Spa: #1 Exfoliate

Something that’s always on trend is grooming. You simply won’t look of feel your best if your skin is dry, your nails are a hot mess, and you feel unkempt. Confidence is one thing you can’t buy, but it makes cheap clothes and makeup look lots more luxurious. If you feel good, you look good. … Continue Reading

Buzzin: Designer Toothbrushes (Cheap!)

“Have a brush with Style!” Have you been checkin the fashion blogs? If not, then these new toothbrushes by Rachel Zoe’s former employee and celeb stylist Brad Goreski are news to you. This  limited-edition line of Reach toothbrushes have graphic prints and retail at about $6.00 at local drugstores.    

Nicki Minaj’s Spray-on Hair Color

Your hair, along with makeup and nails, is a major accessory. Just ask Katy Perry and Nicki Minaj. Both songstress stylistas add color to their manes depending on their outfits. I don’t mean from just going brown to blonde. I’m talking neon blue, hot pink and any other crazy color. Miss Minaj has been sporting … Continue Reading