Cool Temps = Cape Time!

Capes aren’t just for super heroes. They’re for fierce females too! They wrap around your whole top half. Think of a skirt, but made for your upper body. Capes are super similar and often confused with ponchos. A poncho is more like a sweater and a cape has more jacket-like features. Both are over garments … Continue Reading

Sale-Rack Report: Ultra-Chic Tunic

  I love having pieces in my closet that take no effort at all. When you’re in a rush and overslept a comfy outfit that looks dressy and carefree saves the say. What I like more is that this is more than 50% off and a Piperlime exclusive. That means this is not sold in … Continue Reading

Gold Digger on a Skinny Budget

Now I’m not saying I’m a gold digger, but I ain’t messing with no broke bloggers. Just playin! This trend isn’t about the money honey. It’s about the dug-up look, precious metal, but not too proper. Ya feel me? My inspiration… Erickson Beamon’s Gold Digger Ring. It retails for a pretty penny, about $350.00. It’s gorge, … Continue Reading

Masquerade Fashions

YAY!!!! It’s almost Halloween! I am for realz so excited! This is the time for outlandish fashion. I’m going to be Katy Perry. Jealous? Just kidding. This post is for the ladies that want to go masked. They’re cheap, quick, and perfect for when your skin isn’t cooperating. One Halloween I kept changing masks and … Continue Reading

Trend Hungry Tuesday TV & Radio

It’s Tuesday! The means I’m talking trends on a skinny budget, like every day, but on Tuesday it’s on PA Live and the Ralphie Radio Show! Click the links and tweet me @trendhungryblog

Headband Ready

Got a drab outfit you’re required to wear for work? One of readers is in that predicament. She works at a day care and has to wear a polo that’s ill-fitting. It’s hard to have a good day when you don’t feel like you look good. The quick fix? Accessories!! Jewelry is the one of the … Continue Reading

Guiliana Rancic Style Steal

For real, I LOVE Guiliana Rancic. So does every other female my age, but I feel she and I have a special connection. Maybe it’s because I Google her often to figure out how she became so fabulous and I messaged her old assistant Matt on Facebook and he wrote me back. I am such … Continue Reading

Celebrity-Chic Halloween

It’s Halloween and the Lady GaGa look was so two years ago. Here are some other celebs you can dress like .. and on a skinny budget. Katy Perry is so easy. Blue or pink wig, a hot glue gun, and candy. Bedazzle a bra or shorts with candy and you’re set. Or opt for … Continue Reading

Kmart Carries Jimmy Choo Knockoffs, Under $30

By Monica Burke If you asked any fashion-forward female what was on her dream wish list of stylish must-haves, most would say a pair of designer shoes like Jimmy Choo, Manolo Blahnik or Christian Louboutin.  We all watched Carrie Bradshaw feed her designer-footwear habit for years on Sex And The City, but for many of … Continue Reading

Pink Party at Apricot Lane Ardmore Tomorrow!!!

Yay! I love pink, shopping, deals, Apricot Lane, champagne, and most importantly, helping a good cause – breast cancer awareness. See you there!! XO, Jessie