#TrickOrTrend: Halloween Roundup

Hey Fashionistas! We know Sandy has got ya down. Those of us in her reach probably have a serious case of cabin fever and we’re ready to get out. It may be too wet and dangerous (depending on your location) but that doesn’t mean you can’t dress up. Here are three Halloween-themed blog posts by the … Continue Reading

SRS: ‘Sharing My Sole’ Shoe Sales

Why hello!  I’m Jaclyn from Sharing My Sole It’s my personal style blog where I share my passion for fashion, style inspiration and love for fabulous footwear. I chronicle my everyday outfits, which incorporate some investment pieces and plenty of budget-friendly finds!  I love a good sale. As you can probably tell from the name of my … Continue Reading

Sandy Style: 10 Things To Do While Stuck Inside

Here in Philly, we are on lockdown. Thankfully, we won’t be getting hit too hard. So what’s a girl to do while stuck inside? Well besides drink wine, play board games, and fight with your roomie, there are a ton things for you to do with your time inside. Here are 10 ideas team Trend … Continue Reading

Trend Bite: A New Use For Nail Polish

I’m a huge fan of polishing my nails. Some may say it’s an obsession, but I’d like to think of it as a fashionable hobby, so even research for blogging. Well, I’ve found a new use for my nail color collection. It’s not a crazy new manicure. It’s a way to keep your shower clean… … Continue Reading

#TrickOrTrend: ‘Call Me Maybe’ Costume

By Brooke Are you the Grinch of Halloween and hate the glitz and bedazzlement of tedious costumes? Yes? Today is your lucky day because I have the perfect solution for you!  The video for Carly Rae Jepsen‘s “Call Me Maybe” is extremely ordinary until a hilarious twist is revealed within the last few seconds. (If you’ve … Continue Reading

Why We Love: Knitted Hats

An avid reader of blogs, lots of fashionistas are posing in hats for blog posts. It’s got me on a hunt for the perfect knitted hat.  I’m looking for one that will last me a number of years and go with a ton – a hat that can be worn with skinny jeans, cutoff shorts, or … Continue Reading

#TrickOrTrend: Gangnam Style Halloween

By Brooke Incase you’ve been living under a rock for the past couple of months, Korean pop is slowly but surely taking over the American airwaves. Next year, you won’t be able to talk about 2012 without mentioning binders full of women, Honey Boo Boo, or Gangnam Style! Every lady’s Halloween costume needs the right combination of sex … Continue Reading

SRS: The Subtle Statement’s Sale Shop Tactics

Hi everyone, I’m Brittany from The Subtle Statement! I have a passion for styling everything from clothes to cupcakes. I have a weakness for pretty packaging, bows and glitter, and endless bottles of nail polish. My blog is a collection of my personal style, favorite beauty buys and latest fashion finds, with a dash of … Continue Reading

Celebrities Are Going Skeletal

With Halloween just around the corner, celebs are getting their street style into the spirit. It’s getting spooky out and celebrity style is going skeletal. The list of celebrities rocking the skeletal trend is basically a who’s who list. Rapper Meek Mill recently partied it up in NYC wearing an Alexander McQueen skull tee, while … Continue Reading

Style Lessons From Suri Cruise

By Kelsey With her ever-present frown and oversized head pieces, Suri Cruise is shaping up to be our very own real-life Blair Waldorf; and we couldn’t be more excited. Looking to take advice from a seven year old may seem a little out there, but when you have the best fashion at your fingertips, glamour … Continue Reading