{Decorate On A Dime} Glitter Bow Garland

Holiday decorating, let’s do it on a shoestring. Heck, you probably already own a number of things that can can be reworked into a holly-jolly-holiday accents. During one of the many Pinterest binges (it sucks you in!) I found a slew of amazingly-easy decorations that anyone can pull off, seriously! My favorite has to be … Continue Reading

{DIY} Eight Easy Steps To The Perfect At-Home Manicure

The one thing I’d much rather do myself than pay for, among others, is doing my nails. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a total treat to get a mani/pedi, but I seriously love polishing my nails. It’s my hobby. I do it when I watch TV, feel artsy, whenever. I even ask friends if they’d … Continue Reading

{Pin It} Divine Holiday Cocktails

Blow away party guests or just please your own palette. These yummy holiday cocktails that will do both. There’s peppermint eggnog, a martini that tastes like pumpkin pie, fall-fabulous sangria, sparkly spritzers, coffee that’s more heavenly than dessert, and more. So which of these festive drinks would you fancy? Peruse and pin these divine holiday cocktail … Continue Reading

Five Free Last-Minute Halloween Costumes

Okay, we are in the home stretch here for Halloween costumes. Are you too a last-minute lady who just hasn’t bothered to commit to a costume idea yet? You’re not alone and this roundup was made for you. Here’s a slew of cheap and easy, yet cool and creative, Halloween costumes you can create using stuff … Continue Reading

{Trend Hungry Tuesday} Celebs Love Flash Tattoos

Flash Tattoos, they’re jewelry-inspired temporary tattoos in metallic designs that have swept the fashion scene. It sounds like something I dreamt up when I was 5 while wearing plastic high heels around the house. That’s a good thing! They’re fun and embrace our urge to be creative with style. And I’m not the only one … Continue Reading

{DIY} Turn Your Old Tee Into a Crop Top

When I attempt a DIY it’s gotta be an easy one. Too many steps or lots of directions mean I won’t be participating. But when this shirt was headed to the trash (sleeves looked gross) I had to save it and thought to try a little tailoring. So I hacked into my boyfriend’s old tee … Continue Reading

10 Coconut Oil Beauty Recipes

Ladies, let’s prep our hair & skin for spring! Chrissy wrote about understanding the chemicals in your cosmetics and, I agree with her. It is SO SO SO important to know what you put on your skin and hair. One product I’ve been obsessing over is coconut oil (I’m even cooking with it!). Coconut oil is … Continue Reading

{Video Tip} The Right Brush For Flawless Makeup

You may recall that Trend Hungry’s weekly video series Trend Bite took a hiatus around the end of summer. It honestly just came down to being crazy busy, scheduling conflicts, and giving a lot my creative juices to TV segments, other media outlets, and clients (personal styling, and brand collaborations). So we shot a some videos … Continue Reading

Stylish Snail Mail: 6 Tips from a Fashion PR Princess

Show your style everywhere – your business cards, on social media, and don’t forget about snail mail. Send a thank you after an interview, remind your friends that you love them, or simply send to say hello. I want to up my snail-mail style this year so have enlisted Patricia Maristch from Piqued PR. Patricia … Continue Reading

{DIY} Pamper with Peppermint: 3 Ways to Refresh and Revive

This holiday season I’m sure you’ve seen your fair share of candy canes – hanging from the tree, doled out by Santa, even making their way into your yummy holiday treats and coffee. But did you know that these peppermint sticks offer more than just a sugar rush and fresh breath? Peppermint oil alone contains … Continue Reading