Falling In Love

Check it out! New blog pics, and they feel festively fall. Oh, and I’m engaged!!! For real, I have been LOVING life lately!! There’s seriously so much I could gush about right now. Most of all, I’m so grateful for this journey and the wonderful people on it with me. Justin and I have been … Continue Reading

Fall Feelz

{ Video } The Most Thoughtful Birthday Present!!

My blog photog, she’s so rad. Her name is Audrey. She is super cool, creative, genuine, goodhearted, fun, fabulous, and I am SO beyond happy to know her!  We’ve been collaborating for way more than a minute and it’s been such a blast. Before her, I didn’t even know that I ever wanted to do … Continue Reading

{ Day Designer } AH-MAZING Planners Now At Target

Once upon a time there was super-cute planner made with the entrepreneurial, creative spirit in mind. It was limited and sold online and by the time I find out about it there was a wait list. Fast forward to today I’m strolling through Target and what do I find?

{ DIY } Bridesmaid Gift Bags

Woohoo! This girl right here (typing away on this blog post) is going to be a bridesmaid! It will be a first and I’m pretty darn excited. Not just because I was asked in the cutest way ever, and it really was and I’ll get to that in one sec. More importantly, I’m so honored … Continue Reading

{ My Latest On ‘The Fashion Spot’ } Lip Looks, Social Media Strategy, Hair Accessories, Decor Tips

It’s been a little while since I’ve linked back to my work over at TheFashionSpot.com, so I thought it’s time to share some of what I’ve been up to over there. I absolutely love contributing to tFS. I get to cover beauty, fashion, home decor, personal branding, recipes, pretty much whatever interests me. I’ll be … Continue Reading

{ Astro Style } Where I Check My Horoscope

Here’s a secret about me that’s not really much of a secret. I love reading my horoscope. I thoroughly enjoy reading up on my sign and even watch astrology readings on Youtube. What can I say, it’s an interest of mine and has been for as long as I can remember. So today I thought … Continue Reading

{Pin It} Divine Holiday Cocktails

Blow away party guests or just please your own palette. These yummy holiday cocktails that will do both. There’s peppermint eggnog, a martini that tastes like pumpkin pie, fall-fabulous sangria, sparkly spritzers, coffee that’s more heavenly than dessert, and more. So which of these festive drinks would you fancy? Peruse and pin these divine holiday cocktail … Continue Reading

{Link Love} Giveaways, Kate Spade Kicks, Twitter Tips

I’m overdue for posting some link love.  Here a few things I’m loving right now and want to share. Shop – Keds x Kate Spade debuts new sneaker today! Gotta love this designer collab. There are pointy-toe sneaks that come in three prints (including that Kate Spade lemon print that’s so hot right now!) and a … Continue Reading

Friday Find: Stylish Candle Holders Too Good To Ignore

Earlier this week we gushed about our faves from H&M’s home collection (ahem, which just launched in the US!) and we forgot to share these freakin’ amazing H&M candle holders. Shame on us! There are so many reasons why these candle holders deserve the #FridayFind spot. First, the price is right at $3.95. Second, they … Continue Reading