{ Trend Hungry Tuesday } Strobe Like A Celebrity

Skip the heavy bronzers. Turns out contouring is out and strobing is in. It’s how celebs achieve that Hollywood glow. Strobing is the simple makeup technique of highlighting to creates  youthful, dewy look, that catches the light just right way for photos. Two A-list ladies known for their glow, J.Lo and Beyonce are longtime strobers.

{ Speed Routine }  Five Things I Do To Get Ready Fast

I can get ready pretty quick. A speedy shower (though I prefer long and leisurely ones) followed by a pinch of makeup, and I’m out the door. Perhaps I have it down to a fast formula because I love to procrastinate and wait until the last possible moment to start getting ready, or maybe it’s … Continue Reading

10 Coconut Oil Beauty Recipes

Ladies, let’s prep our hair & skin for spring! Chrissy wrote about understanding the chemicals in your cosmetics and, I agree with her. It is SO SO SO important to know what you put on your skin and hair. One product I’ve been obsessing over is coconut oil (I’m even cooking with it!). Coconut oil is … Continue Reading

{Video Tip} The Right Brush For Flawless Makeup

You may recall that Trend Hungry’s weekly video series Trend Bite took a hiatus around the end of summer. It honestly just came down to being crazy busy, scheduling conflicts, and giving a lot my creative juices to TV segments, other media outlets, and clients (personal styling, and brand collaborations). So we shot a some videos … Continue Reading

How to Prep Your Pout for Soft, Kissable Lips

Meet our new contributor Sarah Rae Arroyo, a stylist who splits her time between New York and Philadelphia.  Stay tuned, full bios, pics, and fun Q&A’s with Sarah and all the Trend Hungry contributors is coming soon. Xo! – Jessie For me the holidays really are the best time of year.  I love counting my … Continue Reading

Trend Bite: Make a Statement, DIY Your Bobby Pins

Happy Wednesday!! It’s HUMP DAY … and time for another TREND BITE!!! This Wednesday I’m happier than a camel on Hump Day! I just got done at a photoshoot for a local magazine called Philly Current (sneak peek on Instagram) and had such a blast styling and modeling fall fashions for my budget babes! Now … Continue Reading

3 Tips to Kissable Lips Just in Time for International Kissing Day!

Did you know that you will probably be spending 366 hours of your life kissing?! Prepare to ramp that number up because this Saturday is International Kissing Day! Before you pucker up and get your smooch on, we’ve got some tips for you to get the softest, most kissable lips ever! Tip #1: Hydrate. The key … Continue Reading

How to Try the Trend: Colored Lashes

One of my favorite things about summer is that bright and bold colors come back in our wardrobe and fill our vanities. While you may already be playing around with bright colors on your lips, lids,cheeks, or even hair, there’s another beauty trend that allows for color in one of the least expected places: your … Continue Reading

The Perfect Fake Bake: 11 Tips You Need Before Spray Tanning

Now that tank tops and sundresses are finally (!) recirculating our wardrobe, I bet I’m not the only one’s feeling a little pasty from the winter months. Every year around this time I break out my cute skirts and imagine how much better I’d look and feel with some tan legs! As a former fake … Continue Reading

Hollywood, Boho, or Trendy? What’s Your Formal Beauty Style?

We’re bringing you a breakdown of our favorite looks for a formal occasion. We’ve picked out three of the top trends you can effortlessly achieve at home for less! All of our looks are paired with up-do’s we’ve previously featured in our Easy Updo Ideas post. Look #1: Classic Hollywood Glamour This timeless look works perfect … Continue Reading