{ Dare To Wear } Flamingo Pink

Tis the season for bright colors. I can’t believe we’re already about halfway through summer (bummer!). So I’m making sure to wear my warm-weather finds from this season as well as favorites from year’s past, all while making time to enjoy the nice weather. Even if it’s just for a coffee run, (or in my … Continue Reading

{Steal of the Week} Graphic Tees

You’ve seen this trend on almost every celeb in Hollywood. I’m talking graphic tees here people. Everyone from Rihanna to Dakota Fanning is rocking this hip trend and there’s a reason why. { image via 1, 2} Super versatile, graphic tees work for a night out or just chilling. Always in season, graphic tees can … Continue Reading

Philly Tech Week Event: Blog, Brand, Biz, Buzz

It’s all about the blog, brand, biz and buzz! In fact, that’s what the event is called! Philly Blog Love (that’s the blog network I founded) presents the Philly Tech Week event, Blog, Brand, Biz, Buzz, where local entrepreneurs will discuss  how they use the digital space to grow their brands, create buzz, bring in business, … Continue Reading

Friday Find: Beyonce’s Level 99 Jeans

Have you ever wanted to treat yourself to a really good pair of jeans? I’m talking the kind of jeans that fit your body just right, look good all year round, and make getting dressed effortless? Dare to dream! Every girl needs a pair of jeans that makes her feel like she can take on … Continue Reading

Pucker Up: Top Picks for Your Lips

Who doesn’t love spring? It gives us all a reason to show a little more skin and inspires us to experiment with colors in our makeup and wardrobe.  An essential part of any Trend Hungry girl’s arsenal is the right lip shade or gloss. We want your lips to be flawless for your “pouty lip,” … Continue Reading

Trend Bite: Quick Fix for Lost Earring Backs

Don’t let those pretty earring go to waste because you lost the back. Instead here’s a quick tip to get ya through in a pinch. New videos come out every Wednesday! Please share and subscribe to keep these videos possible. What would you like to learn a style tip about next? Comment below! Stay Stylish! … Continue Reading

Trending: Spiked Belts at the Met Gala

Fashion has no end. There’s fashion week, red carpet season, movie premieres, market week (when stores do their buying), and a million other times fashion pics are being taken. But the Met Gala, this is BIG. This is like Christmas for fashion, and one accessory stood out, or should I say “spiked” out! Beyonce, Madonna, … Continue Reading

7 Drugstore Beauty Buys You Need for Spring

By Simone of Fashion Runs The World In need of some new product to spruce up your beauty routine? We’ve scouted out the latest and greatest from the drugstore sure to kickstart your beauty routine into the warm temps. And like we said, all these goodies are from the drugstore so  you don’t have to break … Continue Reading

Trend Bites Move to Wednesday! How to Declump Your Lashes

We interrupt this blog post to make a new programming announcement. Trend Bite, the weekly quick-tip video blog will no longer be premiering on Friday. Say Happy Hump Day to Trend Bite moving to Wednesday! Look for a new weekly column called Friday Find, where each week we’ll be sharing our top fashionable find from … Continue Reading

Miley’s Twerking Onesie = Awful! She Shoulda Wore a Jumpsuit!

Wow! We already knew Miley Cyrus had sick style, but who would have known this girl’s got the moves to go along with it! (did you have a chance to catch her latest #twerk video?) We have to say viral Miley is a lot more fun especially when the limelight is showcasing her fashion sense. … Continue Reading