Trendin: Selena Gomez Interview on New Adidas Line

Selena Gomez is not only is killing it in music, but she’s bringing her stylish side to the forefront by designing sneakers for NEO by Adidas. The blogosphere has been buzzing for months about how she signed her deal with Adidas one month after the Biebs (among other Bieber/Selena news) and just recently Selena tweeted a sneak … Continue Reading

Conscious Collection Crochet Shorts

Celebs love rockin’ crochet this time of year. Not to name names but … Kourtney Kardashian, Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Kate Bosworth and Vanessa Hudgens have been spotted in crochet. Now you can too while being eco chic. How much more celeb can you be!?!? H&M’s Conscious Collection is kind of a HUGE deal. It’s … Continue Reading

Shambhala Bracelet Like The Biebs – $10!

Ladies like them, and so do hip-hop moguls. Yeah, Shambhala (also spelled Shamballa) bracelets are blowing up. What, you ask? It’s a beaded bracelet, similar to power beads that were poppin circa 1998, but there usually at least one blinged-out bead that gives the disco-ball vibe. Who, you ask? Everyone from Jennifer Aniston, to Jay Z … Continue Reading

Celebrity-Chic Halloween

It’s Halloween and the Lady GaGa look was so two years ago. Here are some other celebs you can dress like .. and on a skinny budget. Katy Perry is so easy. Blue or pink wig, a hot glue gun, and candy. Bedazzle a bra or shorts with candy and you’re set. Or opt for … Continue Reading

Guest Post: Celebrity Color-Block Couture

Megan Stecher is a fashionista on a skinny budget and she’s up on everything celeb related. Between blogging for Positively Celebrity and her own blog Meggywood, she pretty much eats and sleeps celebrity.  So who better to weigh in on celebrity fashion? Let’s see what she’s trend hungry for … I’m obsessed with celebs – who they’re dating, … Continue Reading

Wired: Celeb-Style Nails

Want a manicure as fabulous as Katy Perry without spending mad money? There’s an at-home solution and it’s available at your local drugstore. Sally Hansen Salon Effects is the name and a manicure fit for a fashionista is the game. Maybe you’ve already tested out the product and can attest to how stellar it really … Continue Reading