Trend Bites Move to Wednesday! How to Declump Your Lashes

We interrupt this blog post to make a new programming announcement. Trend Bite, the weekly quick-tip video blog will no longer be premiering on Friday. Say Happy Hump Day to Trend Bite moving to Wednesday! Look for a new weekly column called Friday Find, where each week we’ll be sharing our top fashionable find from … Continue Reading

Beauty Battle: Gel vs Liquid Eyeliner

Ding ding ding! New year, new battle ladies and this time it’s all eyes on eyeliner. The newest and trendiest eyeliner choices are gel and liquid, but which liner comes out on top? I’m here to break down the pros and cons to help you choose your champion.   Gel Time   First up we … Continue Reading

Trend Bite: Biz Card as Mascara Shield

Getting ready to hit the town? If you’re like me, you wait till the very last second to apply mascara. Then you smear it on your lids and have to redo your makeup – not cool, especially when running late (story of my life!). Shield yourself using a business card. It really works and will … Continue Reading

Trend Bite: Spoons For Eyes

Hi Pretty!!¬†Low on beauty sleep (aren’t we all)? Don’t fret. There’s a quick fix and all you need are two kitchen spoons. Stick them in the freezer or run under cold water. Apply under your eyes using pressure and say goodbye to puffy eyes. I swear by this, especially during allergy season!   Videography by … Continue Reading