Product Junkie: BB Cream…For Hair? YES!!!

Remember the hype? The “all-in -one miracle product” that came to change the beauty game forever? I’m talking about the wildly popular BB and CC creams that have completely taken over, replaced foundation, and have planted themselves permanently into our morning routines. If you haven’t already given in to this new(ish) found phenomenon, the new … Continue Reading

Easy Updo Ideas, as Seen on Stylish Celebs

By Mackenzie   Ever have one of those days when you just don’t feel like going through the countless steps of your hair routine? With static hair thanks to our favorite winter fashions, there’s bound to be more of us in this boat than usual. The fix? Try an easy up-do! Whether you’re late, lazy, … Continue Reading

Switch Up Your Do With Clip-In Bangs

OMG. I know you already know, but Miley Cyrus and her new do – so cray cray, right!?!?! I too, like to switch it up, but chopping off all that hair is a commitment, a HUGE commitment. It’s one commitment that I’m simply not ready for. Instead, I’ve got a more¬†temporary¬†way to change your mane … Continue Reading

Trend Bite: How To With Dry Shampoo

Having to wash your hair takes time and sometimes you’re low on it. Dry shampoo is to the rescue. It’s super easy to use, fits a skinny budget (drugstore steal!), and cleans up oily roots in a few sprays. More Batiste…