{ Trend Hungry Tuesday } Athleisure Style Works At The Super Bowl & Beyond

The term athleisure has been floating around the fashion world for a little while now. It’s fashionable activewear also meant for street style. Think printed yoga pants, varsity jackets, jerseys and more. It’s a growing category and brands are launching new lines and collections in this space. Heck, athleisure even hurt the sales for ┬ájeans. … Continue Reading

Super Bowl Style: Beyonce Makes Knee Socks Sexy at Pepsi Halftime Show

By Brooke She came, she saw, she conquered…all in heels mind you. We knew Beyonce’s performance for the Pepsi Halftime Show was going to be flawless last night at the Superbowl – why would we expect anything less?! If you were too busy watching the Puppy Bowl and missed it, shame on you! (Click here … Continue Reading

Hollywood Head THONGING It Up!

Some call it a headband, a head dress, or a head thong. I prefer the latter of the three and here are the celebs that prefer the style. Celebs: Vanessa Hudgens, Nicole Richie, Khloe Kardashian, and now Nicki Minaj. Here’s our girl Nicki wearing it at the 2012 Super Bowl Halftime performance. You want it … Continue Reading

Super Bowl Celebration: Wear What You Own

Good Morning! Eat your Wheaties and pretend you’re an athletic-loving football fan. It’s time for the big game! Personally, I could care less, unless there is free food and no one talks during the half-time show and commercials (my only reasons to watch). This is not really a big day for fashionistas. So instead of … Continue Reading