{ Trend Hungry Tuesday } Long-Sleeve Dresses

Celebs can be stylish and practical too. It’s Trend Hungry Tuesday and this week’s trend is perfect for the not-so-warm temps that many areas are currently experiencing, long-sleeve dresses. Beyonce and her sister Solange wore long-sleeve white gowns to the Vanity Fair Oscar afterparty. Don’t they look like they are having a ball in this … Continue Reading

{Fall Faves} #3 Cheap-Chic Beanies To Fix Bad-Hair Days

Say bye bye to bad-hair days thanks to this chilly-weather accessory. Beanies aren’t just for cold days,though they do make for the better hat choice when it’s windy. They can be worn whenever and can be bought almost anywhere too. That means there’s no need to spend a lot on a beanie. Here are styles … Continue Reading

{Why We Love} Cheap-Chic Statement Necklaces that Look Expensive

Here at the Trend Hungry HQ, we are all about accessories. You can have a plain dress, shirt, whatever and create a totally different look just by the way you accessorize. Whether I’m styling a look for a client, a TV segment, or just for myself,I rely on statement necklaces and here’s why. 1. They … Continue Reading

7 Drugstore Beauty Buys You Need for Spring

By Simone of Fashion Runs The World In need of some new product to spruce up your beauty routine? We’ve scouted out the latest and greatest from the drugstore sure to kickstart your beauty routine into the warm temps. And like we said, all these goodies are from the drugstore so  you don’t have to break … Continue Reading

Celebs Embrace Their Inner Cat Lady! Should You?

We’re embarking on a major cat moment in fashion. Why? Cats are cute. Cats are kinda funny. Cats are also evil (clearly, I don’t have a cat). So why is this trending? I don’t know, but I do own a cat shirt. I know, I’m a walking contradiction. I’ll be posting a pic of me … Continue Reading

Kim Kardashian Has a Baby On Board & Minimalist Style: Steal Her Style For Under $25!

By now you know that the biggest earning Kardashian is preggers with Kayne’s baby. Of course, it’s the talk of the new year, but I want to focus more on what I think must have been Kanye’s master plan. Then we’ll go into how to snag her minimalist style, ya dig?

Kanye, Rita Ora, & Jay Z. In Gold Chains

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West are literally the most fashionable couple right now. Kanye has taught our Kimmy to dress more classy and less trashy, and now Kanye is the one setting the trends. Check out his gold necklaces, pretty fashion forward. Even the ladies are copying his style … can you blame them?  Hip-hop … Continue Reading

Floral Bib Necklaces on a Budget

I was at J.Crew today and saw the most gorgeous bib necklace, um ever. It was $228 (way too pricey for costume jewelry!) and then I visited Cupcakes & Cashmere to discover her little piggy bank sporting the bling. My skinny piggy can’t break that kinda bank, so now I am on a quest for … Continue Reading

Tea Party with Whitney Port

Tea time! Spring has sprung. Get out your florals and frills, fashionista, and join the tea party with Whitney Port. I’ll be there and so should you! She’ll be on the Main Line showing you her new collection and you can snag a photo with the style maven, so come dressed to impress in your … Continue Reading

Swing into Stripes

Stripes = always on trend. ALWAYS! Retro stripes? Even more perfect! The girl from the T-Mobile commercial is my inspiration,  but I kind of love my find WAY more than her dress. Sorry T-Mobile! This dress is perfect for Easter, so stop worrying about what you’re going to wear. Ohh and check back for Easter … Continue Reading