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Trend Bite: How to Store Your Shoes

And now, a quick tip to help with shoe storage. Keep your closet clean with this easy tip to help you stay organized, fashionably of course!   If you like this tip, share with your fashionable friends with the hashtag #trendbite!:) Have a tip you’d like to share? Chat with me in the comments below!

Trend Bite: Quick Fix for Lost Earring Backs

Don’t let those pretty earring go to waste because you lost the back. Instead here’s a quick tip to get ya through in a pinch. New videos come out every Wednesday! Please share and subscribe to keep these videos possible. What would you like to learn a style tip about next? Comment below! Stay Stylish! … Continue Reading

Trend Bite: How to Shorten Your Necklace

Layering your necklaces is so on trend, but that doesn’t mean your jewelry always cooperates. Simply tie a knot to switch up the length. For more tips SUBSCRIBE and watch every Wednesday!

Trend Bites Move to Wednesday! How to Declump Your Lashes

We interrupt this blog post to make a new programming announcement. Trend Bite, the weekly quick-tip video blog will no longer be premiering on Friday. Say Happy Hump Day to Trend Bite moving to Wednesday! Look for a new weekly column called Friday Find, where each week we’ll be sharing our top fashionable find from … Continue Reading

Trend Bite: How to Remove Lipstick

Clean off your kissers. After a long day, or night,  you’re ready for fresh lips. Say buh-bye to stained towels and hello to the paper kind. Using a paper towel will remove color, exfoliate lips, and leave you with a pretty pout. We put out new videos every Friday! If you like this, share with … Continue Reading

Trend Bite: How To Make Your Lip Color Last

And now, it’s time for another Trend Bite! This week I wanted to share a little trick my friend Jackie Johnson (who wrote an amazing blue eyeshadow tutorial for Beauty Week, check her out!!) taught me. Shortly after picking up the tip, Donna from The Body Shop told me the same thing as she did … Continue Reading

Trend Bite: Fix Your Broken Hangers Ever since I realized plastic hangers were cramping my style (literally, they take up so much room!) I’ve made the switch to the skinny hangers. As much as I LOVE them (I can actually see what’s in my closet now) I step on them all the time and end up having to buy new … Continue Reading

5 Ways to Get Red-Carpet Ready at Home

Here we go again! It’s Award Season! Let’s get our butts in gear and get red-carpet ready! I personally know my yoga pants are a bit snug right now, and my jeans, well even snugger. But, I’m not an exercise expert, so let’s focus on at-home primping and pampering. Let’s go!

Trend Bite: A New Use For Nail Polish

I’m a huge fan of polishing my nails. Some may say it’s an obsession, but I’d like to think of it as a fashionable hobby, so even research for blogging. Well, I’ve found a new use for my nail color collection. It’s not a crazy new manicure. It’s a way to keep your shower clean… … Continue Reading