A cool updo is often really complicated. It takes tons of hair pins, styling products, and skill. Honestly, when I want to wear my hair up, it’s because I need it out of my face and my mop of hair just is not cooperating.

My fave trendy updo of the moment is a top knot – a high bun with a hint of disheveling. It looks carefree and it can be done when you’re short on time. And isn’t that the whole point of wearing your hair up?

Here’s Hilary Duff sporting a high bun with a bit of messiness. To achieve this look fasten hair in high ponytail, separate hair into two to three sections and braid into separate braids. Next, take the braids and twist around ponytail base to form a bun shape and fasten with a hair tie. Finish up style by pinning down any pieces that need extra help staying in place. Add a bit of hair spray and don’t worry if a few hairs around your face do their own thing. It adds to the look.

To achieve Keri Russell’s simpler bun start off with a high ponytail, leaving behind the short strays. Separate ponytail into two sections. Twirl each section then wrap sections around the ponytail base, fasten with a hair tie, and bobby pin hair that are sticking up. Lightly spray with a hair spray to hold style.

All the things needed to make a messy top knot are probably already in your bathroom. If not, don’t fret. Bobby pins, hairspray and hair ties can be found at your local grocery store, pharmacy or super-saving stores like Walmart.

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