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    Would you happen to know the designer/store of the knotted, tassle necklace Michelle Obama worn on to the school in New Jersey on Nov 18th?


    Sry, but maybe the site http://mrs-o.org/ can help you! Good luck finding it!!


    i heart u!!!!!!! u little fashion icon … how dp i let my friends know about ur posts just cleck share on fb?? i love u and more people need to read ur blogs!!!! do u know how many hits this site gets???


    Heather! You rock! Click the Facebook icon below. If that doesn’t work, just copy the link and paste it as your status or on a friend’s wall. I do know the hits. It changes daily, but I’ve been lucky and people have been finding the site through search engines like Google. Thanks for the support!!!


    I found this dressI love but its way out of my budget. Do you know where I could get something similar for less? Thanks!


    i’ll look around and will let you know asap!! please subscribe 🙂


    how do you subscribe via email – there is no place to that I see on your site!


    I love the products that u n just fab have. I heard about em and bucktownebargains from PA live I live in tremont pa just a lil hick town and my neighboring town n some streets got that major flooding w/that hurricane a few mos ago n anyways I a neuromuscular disorder called spina bifida n I’m short n skinny and im 29. I’m in short adult shoes like 11/2 n think im in a 2x colores if u dont makes smaller sizes maybe u can give me any pointers as 2 what sizes n sites I could look at


    So many stores are now offering petite lines. I like Express for jeans because it’s a place that many have access to, offer jeans in short, and always have coupons.

    Also, check out the juniors sections. It’s trendy, cheap, and may fit you even better.

    Thanks for reading!!


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