Everyone wants to look and feel like a celebrity, just admit it! Now you can at least dress like one without going broke. Bonus – all the pieces (minus Kristen’s shoes) are from local boutiques! Scroll for outfit breakdowns and find out about special discounts to The 10! Show viewers.

Look 1 

Celebrity Style: Heidi Klum
Model: Samantha
Animal-Print Dress: $88.00 at Polka Dots.
Studded Belt: $42.00 at Polka Dots.
Tribal Hoop Earring: $33.00 at Flair Boutique Haverford.

Look 2
Celebrity Style: Jennifer Aniston
Model: Kristen
Floral Tunic: On Sale, $34.00 at Apricot Lane Ardmore.
Linen Jacket: $62.00 at Apricot Lane Ardmore.
Dangle Earring: $18.00 at Flair Boutique Haverford.
Nude Pump: $70.00 by Nine West at Macy’s.

Look 3

Celebrity Style: Kim Kardashian
Model: Evie
Evie’s look is on sale for The 10! Show viewers
LBD – Sale $98.00 at Polka Dots. Sale for 10! Show viewers, in-store only.
Earrings – Sale $100.00 at Flair Boutique Haverford. Sale for The 10! Show viewers, in-store only.

I’ll be posting the link to the segment asap as well as a post about my outfit and AMAZING jewelry. Stay tuned!

P.S. I’d love to chat! Send me your trend cravings and I’ll find them on a skinny budget. Or visit me on social media by using the links on the right-hand side. Thanks for reading!

XO, Jessie

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