In honor of the new Footloose coming out on the 14th, I’ll be talking Footloose fashion today on The 10! Show. I’ve taken inspiration from the movie and made it accessible for your everyday style. Watch at 11:30 on On NBC Philadelphia! Shopping details are below!

Look 1: Flash Dancer

Model: Heather

Alternative Apparel Sweat Shirt, $44.00 at Apricot Lane.

Black Orchid Cutoff, Was $98.00, Sale $49.00 at Apricot Lane.

Gold Bow Necklace, $26.00 at Apricot Lane.

Pretty Polly Star Tights, $28.00 at Urban Outfitters.

Xhilaration Flats, $19.99 at Target.


Look 2: 80’s Rock Western

Model: Ashley

Rich & Skinny Jeggings, $121. 00 at Apricot Lane.

Chaser Tee, $49.00 at Apricot Lane.

Western Boots, $39.00 at Target.

Take Note: Boots not online, but linked a similar pair that are under $25.00!


Look 3: Footloose Fabulous

Model: Kristen

RPS Ruffle Dress, Was $82.00, Sale $30.00 at Apricot Lane.

Beaded Necklace, $19.99 at Target.

Nine West Nude Pumps, $69.99 at Macy’s.


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