The 1920’s is mad popular right now, thanks HBO! I’m obsessed with HBO and Boardwalk Empire is one of my faves. There are lots of cool 1920’s trends – fringe, the headbands, long pearls, and silk gowns. One that’s super wearable right now are the pearls, and it doesn’t have to be a long necklace. Here’s a bracelet set that’s cheap and chic. They’re fit for a night of the finer things.

Tag: Pearlescent Bracelet Set, $4.80 at Forever 21.

Take Note: Comes in peachy pearls too, with gold hardware.

Tonight I’ll be hosting a 1920’s event in Philly. To my Philly peeps, do come!!! And for everyone, please follow by busy day – hair, makeup, and partying like it’s 1929, via Twitter (tweet me!!!) & my Tumblr! That’s where I’ll be posting pics all day & night!!

Hope to see you at the event!!

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