Not gonna lie, I’m kind of freakin out! This Tuesday AM I’m filming my second-ever national segment with Better TV. From there, I’m off to Day 1 of the Independent Fashion Blogger¬†Conference. It’ll be a fun-filled day of fashion-blogging 411, meeting lots of fashionable people, but this will be my first time in NYC all by myself for more than a few hours. I live only tow hours away, but the IFB CON is a two-day thing and so, this will be my first time in a hotel all alone! I’m pretending it’s like dorming and am telling myself everyone will be in the same boat.

On the to-do list: steam clothes for the TV segment, pick out and pack conference outfits, clean makeup brushes and pack up my beauty essentials, print my ticket, ¬†organize my purse and equip it with lots of business cards, and map out my trip (I’d be lost without the Map Quest app on my phone).

Okay, now that I’ve vented out my worries (if you’re going to the IFB Con tweet me @trendhungryblog) here are the four reads this week.

1. Kim Kardashian is selfish. Sorry, but she’s selling swag (aka free clothes) and only donating 10 % to charity, not cool. – Fashionista

2. How much do you make? Here’s how the fashion industry sizes up on salary. – The Gloss

3. The Road ahead for independent bloggers. – Independent Fashion Bloggers.

4. How to transition to next season with ease. – Lush to Blush

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