Hi there and Happy Sunday! I just woke up (it’s after 1pm!) and SO needed that sleep. This week included filming a slew of TV segments, a blog seminar with the super-star blogger Meg of Mimi+Meg (also got to meet Lara of The Glossarie – love that site!), deep cleaning my apartment, missing my roomie/boyfriend – he was in LA for a few days, and dancing my booty off last night at a friend’s wedding.

Now that I’m caught up on sleep and missed yoga class (what else is new?), it’s time for me to share my top four reads of the week! Hope you like them and feel the urge to share with your fashionable friends – hashtag #4U2Read.


Image Via High Snobiety

1. Save money and DIY your manicure ( I  haven’t had a mani in three years!). Here are some tools worthy of wanting/needing/buying. – The Glossarie

2. Virgin America is getting new uniforms by Banana Republic. My boyfriend just flew Virgin (relatively new airline to Philly) and they’ve already got cool lights, good music, and video games on your own little personal TV.  – Fashionista

3. This next blog I just discovered and don’t love it for me, but for my boyfriend (sorry to type about him so much – I just missed him). It’s for men, but not metro men, guys that wanna look good, but sleek and not over the top. They’ve got a whole section just for sneakers. Check out these Batman Chuck Taylor kicks – I wouldn’t even be embarrassed to be seen with someone wearing these.  – High Snobiety

4. What’s better than me linking to one of my favorite reads? Linking to one of my favorite blog’s favorite reads. Let’s get inside and see what they’re reading. The list includes an awesome interior makeover I’m really coveting  – Mimi+Meg

Thanks for reading. Share using the hashtag #4U2Read and comment below. I’d love to hear from you!

XO! Jessie

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