As a fashion-obsessed blogger, I read a lot of blogs. I love discovering new reads and heading back to old favorites. And so, I’ve decided to share my findings. I’d like to make this a weekly thing, so if you like this post COMMENT and there will be another one next week!


Image via Fashion Tribes

1. See what Kim Zolziak looks like without her wig! – Gal Time

2. Create your own studded baseball cap. – Ramblings with Rin

3. Looking to hit your summer weight? Try broiling grapefruit! – The Subtle Statement

4. A true trendsetter, Queen Elizabeth II has been rocking bright colors for over 60 years! – Fashion Tribes



I loved the post on the Queen! Its too cute 🙂


Love this post idea Jessica! Its a great way to give your readers even more content and to share the love with fellow bloggers. We’d be honored if you checked out our blog, Girls Off Fifth, The Everygirl’s Guide to Style! Also, we just read your article on Independent Fashion Bloggers. Thank you for all of the pitch advice. And pls keep us in mind for future opportunities! We’ll model for one of your segments anytime 😉


So sweet of you!!! Thanks for checking out my blog and my IFB post. Glad I can help. Checked out your site, so adorable! Love the layout and you guys have great style!! Email me any time at Maybe you’d like to do a guest post sometime?

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