Headlines are in and I read a lot of blogs. It’s literally one of my favorite things to do . Blogs inform me on the kind of stuff I care about – fun foods, fashion news, decorating inspiration, and a good laugh about celebrity babies  – I have been doing nothing but reading every single entry of Suri’s Burn Book since I discovered it! She’s like Perez Hilton, but waspy and even quicker to judge.

Suri hates this attempt at being sassy - Image Via Suri's Burn Book

1. Nutella, strawberries, and marshmellow? Best combo ever!! – Oh Joy!

2. You can still dress in themes in your old age and look fabulous! – Advanced Style

3. 3D nail art. Will you try this trend? – Mr. Kate

4. There’s a new glass slipper in town and it’s got a red sole. – Slaves to Fashion

Like what I picked? Comment below and share your newly-discovered reads!

Happy Weekend, Sassy Lady!

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Nice picks! Love the 3D nail art! Wish ES nails (or something similar and affordable too) would open a shop in my country so I could try it 😀


I wish Philly had one too. So cool!

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