Hello and Happy Sunday! What’s up? Well, since I’m writing this, I guess I answer my own question. Today I’m at my parents’ house in Northeastern PA. My boyfriend and I came for a quick visit to catch up with my family and get away from life for a moment  – sometimes you just gotta get out of your space to clear your head. I’m feeling refreshed and ready to share my top four reads this week. Let’s kick off the blog love. If you wanna get in on the good blog karma, leave a comment below and tweet this post with the hashtag #4u2read.


1. Whitney Port needs donations for her fashion line!?!?! I love her and interviewed Whitney before, but this sounds a little off. – Jezebel

2. If Bloggers Ruled The World ( ahh, I love this title already!) – The popular blog Table For Two gives us a peek into her life. You’ll love her, her recipes (perfect for two people – love it!!), and the blog that’s featuring her. – Julep Made

3. Prints are going a little bit cray cray. Check out these digital designs you can wear.  – Beauty Riot

4. A lot of blogs compare interior design to fashion. The new take: comparing ice cream to makeup shades. It just so happens that ice cream and makeup are two of my favorite things. And, you’ll look delish! – 15 Minute Beauty

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