Even if you’re not a hardcore product junkie, I’m sure you have multiples of a few makeup essentials (mascaras, liners, brushes, etc) which you either rotate use of or just have started stockpiling in case of some sort of makeup apocalypse.

I’m 100% guilty of this. Id say I have about 4 mascaras and 6 liners I keep in rotation, and even a few unopened backups. But it’s good to have multiples, you never know what you’re going to need, where you’re going to go, or what look you want to create!

Here’s my list of top 5 liners, all of which serve a unique purpose and fit a skinny budget.

1. Maybelline Line Stiletto Ultimate Precision Liquid Liner. This is my go-to liquid liner when I want a super thin and precise look. The brush is hands down the easiest to create exact lines. $7.49 at Ulta.


2. Sephora Collection Eyeliner Pencil. This pencil is what I use for an easy, everyday look. The pigments are exact and color lasts all day. I love it because you don’t need to use a ton, which makes the pencil last longer than most. I usually only have to sharpen once a week. $9.00 at Sephora.


3. L’Oreal Telescopic Waterproof Liquid liner. I use this when I need super long-lasting liner. This has shown to be hands down the longest lasting liner I’ve ever tried (it survived a whole beach day!) $9.99 at Ulta.


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4. Prestige Eyeliner in Denim. When you want a pop of color, reach for a strong blue or purple. These colors make all eyes pop, and add a little spunk to your look. $4.29 at Ulta.


5. Maybelline Line Express Eyeliner in Brownish Black. This liner is great for when you want a subtle smoky eye. Not too dark of color, plus one end is a smudging brush to give you that perfect smoky look without having to use any other product! $4.99 at Target. 

Maybelline Line Express Eyeline


Now that you know my must-have liners, what are yours? We’re always looking to add best buys to the TrendHungry arsenal!


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