It’s finally Spring! Although it may not be sundress weather yet, we’re celebrating with floral scents, which can make you feel just as good as a warm spring day! We’ve hand picked our 5 favorites we will be indulging in this season:

1. J. Lo Forever Glowing

J.Lo Forever Glowing
“Just like a light breeze on your skin and wind in your hair, this JLo Forever Glowing fragrance is intoxicating. Overindulge with this women’s sensual floral scent, ideal for everyday wear.”

Couldn’t have said it better myself! Forever Glowing is uh-maze for spring: fresh yet intoxicating, combining honey, saffron and jasmine with subtle notes of toffee, vanilla and suede. JLo nailed it AGAIN, with her 19th(can you believe it?!?!) scent. All that AND it’s affordable! Priced at $39-$49, you can get yours exclusively at Kohls or now.

2. Demeter Cherry Blossom

Demeter Cherry Blossom As the signature flower of Spring in Japan, the cherry blossom is beautiful, sweet smelling, and a great scent to ring in the new season with. Demeter offers the scent in oils, sprays, lotions, perfumes, body washes, and even diffuser oils, so you can smell the cherry blossoms everywhere! Ranging in price from $6(!!)-$39.50, Demeter offers multiple products for any budget.

3. Marc Jacobs Daisy Eau So Fresh

Marc Jacobs Daisy
If you have a little extra cash to spend ($78 for a 2.5 oz spray), and you’re looking for a lasting fresh scent, Daisy Eau So Fresh is your winner! As the lighter version of the original Daisy scent, Eau So Fresh is eau so clean and nice, with a mix of floral scents including gardenia, grapefruit, violet and jasmine. Very sophisticated, and no that doesn’t mean old! I love this scent for work; it’s mature, but not at all musky or overpowering.

4. Vera Wang Princess

Vera Wang Princess

Sweet, flirty and fun, this perfume brings out the princess in everyone. Perfect for daily wear and a night out, and although we’ve picked Princess for Spring, it’s a totally perfect scent for year round use, so it’s worth the price ($45-$60)! Also available at Kohl’s and

5. The Body Shop’s Madagascan Vanilla Flower

The Body Shop Floral Fragrance
As an Eau de toilette, this spray is lighter than a perfume, and is ideal for everyday wear. Vanilla is a universally pleasing scent, this version is a bit sweeter and floral-ly, which makes it perfect for Spring.

Beauty Tip: spritz body sprays and scents labeled as an “eau de toilette” on damp skin right after showering. Since these types of fragrances are lighter, they don’t last as long. If you spray on damp skin, the scent with absorb into your skin as it dries and will last all day!

Pick the scent that most suits you and go out and enjoy the sweet smell of spring!

P.S. We’d love to hear your favorite springtime scents, so comment and share below!


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