Have a friend that prays for a Parisian lifestyle or are you the gal that longs for a trip to Paris? If you’re Parisian at heart or long to be, then read on. I enlisted an expert in French fashion. Her name is Chloe Johnston and she’s made Parisian style her job, with her business CJ Tours that takes tourists around Paris to shop like the locals do  – genius! Here’s Chloe’s picks for the Parisian-chic that don’t want to go broke. – Jessie
Christmas in Paris is magical. Whether you are Parisian, Parisian at heart, the holidays are the perfect time to get that special someone under the mistletoe, literally or well, you know! It is also a time to feel extra special.  These eight items put us in the mood!

1. Ambre Sultan Fragrance, $120 $58.66.

Serge Luten is one of my favorite fragrant spots in Paris. I wasn’t thrilled when they started selling them in the States (that’s my little secret). Even though they do have certain scents that can only be found in Paris in their tiny, yet beautiful atelier, there are now places here you can purchase. Ambre Sultan Fragrance is one of their top sellers, and it’s unlikely you’ll find it for a better price. It’s also unisex.

2. Petits RICHART Balsam Gourmet Chocolates, $25.00.

Chocolate from Paris is always mouthwatering goodness. There isn’t much else to say.

3. Nina’s Paris Marie Antoinette Tea, $25.00.

Even if you are not a tea drinker per say, you MUST try some of the fabulous choices that Paris has to offer. Marriages Frères and Dammann Frères are two of our favorite spots – we are currently drooling over their Noel (tea) and my absolute favorites right now are Caramel Toffee and Black Orchid…ahhhh, delish! Le Notre currently has three holiday teas created by a famous sommelier in Paris; we cannot WAIT to try them. Nina’s Teas are sold here in the States. Try and tell us what you think!
Jewelry is on every girl’s wish list. We love finding unique pieces you can’t find anywhere else and the bonus for us? Handmade! Every piece tells a story and when you can speak with the designer and get the inspiration behind the design, tres parfait! Habsa’s shop is located in the Trendy 6th arrondisment and she uses leathers and metals in a way you’d never think to combine. CJ PLUG- you can find and shop Hasba and other of your favorite designers on our shopping site (linked on the product name above).

5. CHRISTYS’ CROWN SERIES Phoebe Cloche Hat, $65.

Just like everyone else out there, I am obsessed with hats. The only difference? My love affair has been going on for years. I ALWAYS find the best hats in Paris whether they are new or vintage. My newest burgundy beauty was purchased at my favorite vintage shop in the 7th. Luckily hats are back in style and you can find some great French inspired ones perfect for any look.

6. de Buyer Crêpe Pan Kit, $39.95.

For the kitchen fanatic….Dehillerin foodies (cooker) Paradise!  All price points can be met here. You cannot find Dehillerin here in the states BUT, Williams Sonoma and Kitchen Capers can help you feel just like you are throwing that little dinner party or brunch, in your oh-so-chic little Paris flat, especially with this crepe pan!

7. PORTOLANO Black And Ivory Striped Cashmere ITouch Gloves, $90 $45.90.

French women LOVE cashmere, especially for the colder months. There are a plethora of choices for good cashmere and sweet price points, HINT…Rue la la, Gilt, Neimans. These beauties are just about half off and are 100% cashmere. Wrap in a fancy box and pretty tissue paper to make it feel extra special.

8. Diptyque Coffret-Limited Edition-2.4 oz., $84 for set of three candles.

Last but certainly not least, candles – Diptyque, Cire Trudon, Astier de Villate, and  Rigaud candles are among my favorites. French candles can be a bit pricy, but this is the time of year for a special treat or two to make you feel fabulous for the new year. This limited-edition holiday set comes with three candles, so stretch out the enjoyment and use one at a time or place in different rooms to add a touch of Paris.

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Love all of these ideas! Perfect for next Christmas or an upcoming birthday….. or maybe a gift for myself!

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