Happy New Year! Let’s kick it off in style. Clean out your closet. Donate, sell, or trade the dresses you’ve been seen in too often , don’t fit right, or just aren’t your style. Then swap them out for some fabulous affordable dresses that will keep you from stressing the next time amazing last-minute plans come up that leave you feeling outfit anxiety. Here’s new Trend Hungry contributor Tanya Kertsman with affordable fashion recommendations! – Jessie

1. Lace

affordable-dresses-Lace ASOS Sweetheart Lace Body-Conscious Mini Dress, $45.37

This emerald color is beautiful and a great option if you’re hoping to stand out against the black and gold dresses of the night.

Lipsy Midi Lace Dress with High Neck via ASOS$99.82 $39.93

I’m not sure what’s sexier about this dress, the lace or the body-con silhouette. I’ll let you decide. Part nude, part black, part lace-this dress is sure to make a lasting impression.

Lace Jacquard Tulip Dress via ASOS$99.82 $49.91

Balance the sweetness of this dress by adding basic pointy-toed shoes and a leather moto jacket.

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