What’s the most coveted shoe brand? Louboutin. And what are those shoes known for? Red soles!

ShoeDazzle is a total copycat and I’m totally craving what they’ve got!

Trend: Colored Soles

Hungry: ShoeDazzle Limited Edition Signature Soles (HOT PINK!!)

Tag: Chanelle, $39.95 at ShoeDazzle.

Take Note: Also comes in black and gray, but I LOVE the nude. It’s so haute for this season and will elongate your stems.

Quick little FYI ShoeDazzle is a monthly thang, so take a style test and every month a new showroom awaits! Want the 411 on the site? Read this post.

These are the designer shoes and they retail for about $800.00. The ShoeDazzle shoes look nearly identical!!! And they’re  1/20th of the price! With affordable options like this why would anyone not stick to a skinny budget?

So what’s YOUR opinion? Leave me a comment!

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