Make Your Shopping Count: Fair Trade Month

We all look forward to October for fall fashion and getting dolled up for Halloween! Well, now there’s another thing to add to your list. Fair Trade Month. It’s the month that’s dedicated to reminding us that with fair trade, the money spent on every day goods can better an entire community’s lives. As fashionistas, we need … Continue Reading

NYFW Help: 4 Apps for the Girl on the Go

It’s every fashionista’s favorite time of year – New York Fashion Week!! New York Fashion Week (NYFW) is a week (feels like two!) where the industry’s most prestigious designers debut their upcoming collections for the following season. It’s a week of hustling and bustling and it’s got us realizing that whether you’re backstage at a … Continue Reading

Style Transition: 10 Pieces to Buy Now and Wear for Fall

I don’t know about you but I hate when you buy clothes and they’re only wearable for one season. ONE SEASON? If I love a certain shirt or pair of shorts, I want to be able to rock them year round or at the least wear it through a season or two.   Labor Day … Continue Reading

Customize Your Manicure: Wrap It Up with Jamberry Nails

There is NO EXCUSE for having unkept nails, especially with all the easy nail products out there! Whether it’s your fingers or toes (ugh, especially your toes!), keep your nails in check. If you don’t take care of your digits it send the message that you prob don’t have time to groom and maintain other … Continue Reading

Exclusive: Kohl’s Fall 2013 Fashion Preview

I hate to be the one bringing up Fall Fashion in the middle of summer, but ladies – it’s never too early to start preparing for the next season! Trend Hungry had the chance to get an exclusive preview of what Kohl’s has to offer for fall and we are DYING to give you the … Continue Reading

Turn it Up! Tunes to Get Dressed to!

This happens to everyone – you’re feeling fabulous and ready to conquer the world … then your nerves kick in. YIKES! Ladies, there’s no need to panic. Life isn’t all that bad, so let’s adjust our moods with some tunes while we dress. It’s no surprise that music is proven to affect your mood.   No … Continue Reading

Trendy vs Spendy: Would You Buy These DV Flip-Flop Knockoffs??

Why do we LOVE flip flops so much? Obviously they’re simple, easy to put on and take off… and this pair just happens to be sleek and chic! Flip flops with a little somethin-somethin (we’re craving metallic accents!) can easily tone down your most intricate outfit or dress up your simplest look . Are you going for … Continue Reading

Style Flashback: The Good Times of Amanda Bynes

It’s a shame when it happens… and it happens more than necessary! It happened to Britney Spears, Mariah Carey, and Demi Lovato…I’m talking about celebrities that fall off the rector a little bit but eventually get back to sanity.   Right now, it’s all about Amanda Bynes. The tweets, the wig, the arrest, but worst … Continue Reading

Eva Longoria’s Wardrobe Malfunction: Trendy or Trashy?

Wait, have I been reading the headlines right or is it just my imagination? Are wardrobe malfunctions a “thing” now?  I’m starting to think this is a covert female fashion movement rather than a mistake! Has the careless wardrobe maintenance of Britney Spears and Paris Hilton resurrected themselves in Eva Longoria, Rosario Dawson and Anne Hathaway? It’s sad … Continue Reading

Recap: Inside Kohl’s Fall 2013 Press Preview

Trend Hungry had the chance to attend an exclusive preview for Kohl’s Fall Collection last week at Gary’s Loft in NYC. Filled with racks and racks and racks of clothes, the Loft’s penthouse looked like a closet one could only dream of.  Most importantly, I know you’re dying to know what you can expect from Kohl’s for fall! … Continue Reading