Why do we LOVE flip flops so much? Obviously they’re simple, easy to put on and take off… and this pair just happens to be sleek and chic!

Flip flops with a little somethin-somethin (we’re craving metallic accents!) can easily tone down your most intricate outfit or dress up your simplest look . Are you going for the perfect beach look, a rad rooftop party outfit or a relaxed airport chic feel? No matter what look or feel you want, flip flops are #1 on our summer shopping list, especially this pair!So in case you didn’t notice, the top pair is are Dolce Vita Flip Flops ($40) and the bottom pair are Mossimo Lena Metal Toe Flip Flops from Target ($22).

But this edition of #trendyVSspendy has a twist. The designer pair is down to $25 on Piperlime. 

So now, that the designer pair is only $25, which pair would you buy?? Tweet me your pick @jessieholeva #trendyvsspendy!
P.S. Love Culture has these flip flops too, for only $10, but they’re not online.


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