Let’s get your eyes looking freaking amazing, sound good? They’re windows to the soul so get ’em looking the part. This post is full of easy tips, like really really easy. You’re a busy lady, so time is of the essence.

Let’s start with the brows. Are they too thin?

Fix those brows

Fill in your brows like a pro. Use pencil in feather-like strokes, then brush them. Or try clear mascara as a brow gel to keep them in place.

Or are they looking a little too hairy? Mask hair growth with a little concealer. For real, it works.

Prime time

Speaking of concealer, don’t stop at the brows. Use on lids an let it act as a makeup primer. My go-to is Boi-ing by Benefit.

Add color

Now let’s add a little color. Line lids by using darker blue shadow with a damp tiny brush to create the look of colored liner. Or take a cue from Rihanna & opt for colored mascara to make those lashes pop!

how to wear blue eyeshadow as liner

Open those eyes

Apply to lashes using a little wiggle in your wrist. Instead of wisping away from your face, use mascara wand going toward your nose on those inside lashes.

And if they get clumpy, use a mascara wand sans mascara to brush them out.

What tip do you especially like? Do you have an amazeballs tip to share? Let’s chat it up in the comments below! 

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