6 Beauty Tips to Read Before Your Next Trip

Becoming a travel aficionado is 70 percent on-the-road experience, 20 percent coaching and mentoring (i.e. your trusted partner telling you to nix the seventh pair of shoes) and 10 percent reading articles like this one! Since you can’t take every single beauty product you own with you, these six beauty tips will come in handy whether you’re going … Continue Reading

{Shop It} 10 Stylish Weekender Bags

With summer officially underway, many trend-hungry gals have plans to go to the beach, the park, or maybe even get out of town for the weekend. These short-but-sweet affairs don’t call for a big, bulky suitcase. A weekender duffle bag comes in handy when you’re going away for a few days and just need enough … Continue Reading

{Look for Less} Jessica Alba’s Accessories

Jessica Alba knows how to accessorize. She transformed simple jeans and a sweater into something unique just with accessories. Alba opted for a wide-brim hat,  printed scarf,  large red tote, and buckled calf booties to achieve her cool, and carefree look.   It looks like she’s on the go. This jet setter knows how to stay … Continue Reading

{Dress for Less} 14 Awesome Dresses Under $60

Happy New Year! Let’s kick it off in style. Clean out your closet. Donate, sell, or trade the dresses you’ve been seen in too often , don’t fit right, or just aren’t your style. Then swap them out for some fabulous affordable dresses that will keep you from stressing the next time amazing last-minute plans … Continue Reading