Who knew Dora the Explorer was such a trendsetter? Backpacks are back and the new designs are way better than my first backpack (it was pink, had a troll on it, and my mom taped a paper with my bus number on it so I wouldn’t get lost – really cool).  You don’t have to be going back to school to get in on the trend. Wear it to the beach. Wear it to fashion week. Heck, hang out with me and we’ll wear ours together while roller blading ( you know it sounds fun).

Tag: 1. Pink Baggu Backpack $32 (Urban Outfitters) / 2. Tech On Your Trek Backpack $50 (ModCloth) / 3. ASOS Small Neon Backpack $42 $22 (Asos)

Tag: 1. Flower Print Backpack $46 (Tilly’s) / 2. Striped Buckle Backpack $50 $35 (Aeropostale) / 3. Wild Outdoors Mini Backpack $44 (Roxy)

Take Note: The floral one I added to the graphic just sold out, so I linked a similar one. Here’s another similar one too.

Incase the backpacks above weren’t enough, here’s a whole slew I hand selected and guess what … they are all under $50! Is it wrong to want one for each day of the week? Comment below with your favorite!



I really like but I can’t imaginte myself having one of them…I don’t even know why(


I actually have one of the Urban Outfitters ones featured in the shopping info – I like it, it comes in handy when I need to carry a lot of stuff! And I think it’s cute!


SO CUTE! I absolutely love the colors in the first set of backpacks!

XO Sahra


HA! I’ve always loved backpacks. Maybe because one of my nickmanes is Avidor-a-the explorer!!
Spreading good Karma,
xo r


Ah!!! Finally! I have always loved backpacks (or rather, never liked having back aches) and I am so happy that this year not only has it been easier to find good looking ones, but they’re considered fashionable as well!

My Own Project


You’ve sold me, definitely going to get myself a bright backpack because brights and neons are very in this season! I don’t like to wear neons, but I’ll at least have my bright backpack to make up for this trend! 😀




i absolutly love these things but my mom cant afford them 🙁 </3


I ordered a book sack and it was sooo cute online when it came in it looked HORRIBLE.. UGHHHHHHH

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