Fashionista Band-Aids! Yeah, you read that correctly. Nude bandages are out and statement bandages are in.

How did I decide this? You see, it all started when I traumatically caught my poor little toe on the door while walking in the mall. On a shopping mission, I had to suffer thought my not-so-cute cut and used a try-on sock as a bandage. It held up, but didn’t look all that pretty.

Now my toe is sporting a Hello Kitty Band-Aid and I’m proud of my battle wound.

Tag: Band-Aid Hello Kitty Bandages – 20 Count, $2.19 at Target.

I researched this whole Band-Aid trend. Sadly, the nude tone is most popular, followed by a few novelty themes I’m not so sure I’d like to wear. That was … until I stumbled upon Spoon Sisters. They’ve got fabulous, fun and unique gifts! Did I mention the fashionable bandages?

Leave a comment with what you’d want on your bod.

Girly Gash – for your super-feminine side. A little bruise can still be ladylike.

Tag: Big Girls Don’t Cry Bandages, $5.95 at

Co-Ed Chic – For your inner comic-book hero. This bandage is one your boyfriend will be proud to show off.

Tag: Comic Strip Bandages, $5.95 at

Calm and Collective –  For your inner hipster. They’re cute but I’m a little over this phrase.

Tag: Keep Calm Bandages, $8.00 at Urban Outfitters.

What would you wear? Comment or tweet @trendhungryblog!

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