Calling all beauty buffs! When deciding the quickest, easiest, and most effective way to knock out your skin routine on one easy step, what product comes to mind? I’m guessing most of you thought of my favorite magical solution for perfect a complexion: BB cream! There could be some of you out there who have yet to discover this beauty gem, or have discovered it and still not entirely sure what it does. As most of us are still getting used to the wonders of BB (or “beauty balm”), the beauty world is already prepping for a new craze for the complexion perfection obsessed: CC cream.

bb vs cc cream

First thing’s first, our ever-growing love with BB cream. Combining moisturizer, primer, foundation, and sunblock, this single-step cream is the be all and end all for a fast way to a beautiful, even complexion.

A wide spectrum of brands have created their own formulas and cater to all ages and skin types. Whether you want to cover acne marks, conceal brown spots, or just want an all around even glow, BB has you covered.

So now that we’ve got you hooked, I’m sure you’re wondering what could get any better?

Enter CC cream, the super-sized version of BB. CC (“color care” or “color correcting”) cream is essentially a hit sequel to BB. This light weight formula does all the jobs of a BB, but also includes powerful anti-aging and skin correcting ingredients (like B vitamins). Olay was the first brand to give CC it’s American debut. The cream can visibly improve discoloration, fine lines and wrinkles over time (score!). Although just breaking through to American markets, if anything can be said from the BB boom, we’re looking forward to a serious CC craze.

So now the question is, BB or CC?! Heres a breakdown to make this as easy as possible for you….

Texture: While both are lightweight creams, the effects vary depending on your skin type. BB cream is slightly thicker, and most are not oil free (okay for combination or dry skin). The oil free formula (and a more mousse-like texture) of CC is a better option for those of you with oily or acne prone skin.

Color: Both creams tend to come in light, medium, or dark shades. Since CC is lighter texture, it is easier to blend and therefore suitable for a wider range of skin colors.

Benefits: The sunblock in both creams are an obvious, and very important ingredient which has long-term benefits for all ages. If you struggle (like most of us) to remember the sunblock, these creams are essential for everyday. CC creams go beyond temporary and their ingredients offer long-term benefits for aging and uneven complexions.

So now that you’re up to date on BB and CC, which cream do you think will come out on top?



I finally found a BB Cream i love ( i blogged about it last week) but I am really excited to try CC creams. I have a feeling they’ll do a better job of what I need.


Thanks Krista! We’re torn, but I think CC will come out on top 🙂

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