Whoa! Everyone in the blogosphere has been buzzing about Beyonce wearing Topshop. Even I mentioned it in my round-sunglass post, but what about Jay Z? Um, he too was wearing something we normal people can afford, and in fact it’s a brand his wifey has been spotted in before.


So let’s break it down. And of course, ladies first.

FashionBombDaily.com reports Beyonce wore a $22 Topshop tube top with a matching skirt for $44. And of course, it’s pretty much sold out. The skirt is still availabe in a size 10 so if that’s you snag it before it’s too late.


As for her hubs, he donned a $68 sweatshirt from Sportiqe. This brand makes sportswear cool and effortless. Shop Jay Z.’s shirt at Urban Outfitters.

Here’s Beyonce rockin’ the brand last year in Philly at Made In America.

Screen Shot 2013-06-12 at 9.02.31 AM
Shop for her shirt at Bloomingdales, $38.

Do you like their style? Comment below!

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