Pearls. They are classic, timeless, and never go out of style. Pretty much every girl has worn pearls at one time or another. And just this month we’ve seen Beyonce on the cover of Out Magazine wearing pearls and practically nothing else, Kim Kardashian in a white dress with pearl straps for her Parisian-themed bridal shower, and Rihanna rocking Dior pearls with a pink dress at a recent runway show.

Clearly, pearls are popular for spring. But, how to wear? Well, it doesn’t just have to be a string of pearls or earrings. This trend works as an embellishment on clothes, bags,  and even sunglasses. And of course, we are all about going trendy, not spendy. Here are a few pearl pieces fit for a frugal fashionista, as each piece is under $50. You’re welcome! Now leave a comment as share which pearl piece suits your style best or tweet it to me @jessieholeva.


Under $50: Bella Pearl Chandelier Earrings

pearl earrings

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