You read the title correctly. There is in fact a bra with pockets that will store your key items – money, ID, a key, even your phone! Perfect for the club, a concert, a house party, or a run (there’s a sports bra too!) – the JoeyBra was made to give some safe storage when living life and it sounds like they sorority girls in mind.


This fashion invention was created by two recent college grads that met their junior year and were inspired by their school’s vibrant Greek system and created the JoeyBra for women who on the go and struggle to find a place to put their ID, keys, or phone.


I put the sport to the test and gotta say I can’t go back to my old sports bras. It made running carefree. I used to store my keys and phone in my old sports bras, but it got in the way and made sprints not an option. This product is a total problem solver. It also has an adjustable back for fit convenience.

The fashion bra costs $29.99 and the sport is $39.99.

Would you buy it? Share in the comments below!



Omg, this an amazing concept! I always have the daily struggle of trying to hide my money, keys and ID inside my sports bra or sneakers for the gym, but this bra seems like the perfect solution. Great article girly!


Thanks Brookie! You’ll LOVE this bra, for real!

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