There’s a new way to wear an animal-inspired look. Just ask Conan O’Brien and Vanessa Hudgens. If you saw last night’s episode (or tonight, technically airs btw two days) then you know what I’m talking about. SpiritHoods.

Turns out they’ve been getting some buzz for the last few months, but it took Conan wearing one to bring it to Trend-Hungry attention.

Basically it’s a hood with sleeves – just a hood, no sweatshirt ,no jacket … and sleeves, of course!

Sadly, these do not really fit a skinny budget, which is why it’s a “Buzzin” post – just telling you what’s up – not, I repeat NOT recommending wearing/buying a spirithood.

Ke$ha is even in the spirithood game and it can be bought via Live Nation. If that doesn’t discourage you from buying one I don’t know what will. JKJK, they’re actually charitable and by you clicking LIKE on their Facebook page, donations will be made to Wildlife.

Here’s a vid that explains it all.


But, if you really want one they’re $129.00 and can be bought on the company’s Web site.


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