If your RRS is full of fashion blogs, then you already know that Target is celebrating their fifth anniversary with GO International Designer Collective. In honor of this more than fabulous collaboration, Target is re-releasing 34 of the most popular dresses from their 17 designer diffusion lines. All the dresses will be under $50.00 and available until April 10, while supplies last.

Have you browsed the collection? If not, click here to see it all. These dresses are the top designs over the last five years, so now you can literally “snag the one that got away.”

Check them out and tell me what ya think. Honestly, none of them are really wowing me  … except for this little number by Rodarte. It’s $44.95, a little more than I’d like to spend at Target, but it is Rodarte.

So, what’s the verdict on the designer dress re-release celebration. Fab or ehh?

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