Happy Casual Friday! I you were out having a Cinco De Mayo celebration, then you’re probably having a hard time getting up let alone looking fashionable.That’s why I LOVE dresses. It’s less to think about. There’s no: Does this top go with this skirt? Or: I have no shirt to wear with this.

Put on the dress add a necklace or a belt and shoes. D-O-N-E . Done!

Tag: Solid Maxi Tank Dress, Was $12.50, Now $10.00 at Forever 21.

Take Note: Comes is red and black too!

This dress is like wearing a night-gown, but it looks chic. Add a cardi like this nautical one also from Forever 21 and you’re looking good and feeling good … well as good as you can feel the morning after a fun night out.  

P.S. A maxi dress covers your legs so you don’t have to shave if you’re really lazy. Hey, we’ve all been there!

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