Hi Trendsetter!

It’s Casual Friday and in my neck of the woods (Philadelphia) it’s unusually warm! Doesn’t that entice you to break out the daisy dukes? Hold up, it’s not that warm yet and these short shorts are NOT appropriate for work. But, add some patterned tights you’ve been sporting all winter and you’re set!

Nicki Minaj knows how to rock shorts in the cool temps, but this is NOT the look I’m talking about.

Nicole Richie, on the other hand,  executes the look quite nicely.

Ya dig? Black tights can be purchased anywhere, and I mean ANYWHERE -Bloomingdale’s, JCPenney, CVS … wherever you want!

As for jean shorts, you probably already have a pair that would go great with tights. If not, here’s a distressed pair via Urban Outfitters, $39.00.

Would your place of employment let you wear this? Mine would, but radio stations aren’t terribly strict with dress codes.



Totally agree with Nicole Richie looking fab in daisy dukes w/ tights. My job lets me wear denim cut-offs too, cute outfits are pretty much the main idea as a stylist lol.

Wicked blog btw 🙂

Lalaine x


Thanks! Yeah, Nicole Richie totally looks so polished, yet relaxed in this outfit – such a fab combo! Thanks for reading. Love this pics you post on your blog!!

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