By Kelsey

Have you ever peered down at your beautiful nails and asked yourself… “What happened to the French Manicure?” Remember when the French manicure was a must have if you were trying to look your very best?  Going to the salon and getting a light pink coat with a painted white tip would make you feel like royalty. But then the poor innocent French manicure took a drastic fall from grace.  Gross, long, and tacky now comes to mind when thinking of the French manicure sported by reality TV stars from New Jersey (the Housewives, the Jerseylicious bunch, and  even Snooki ruined this manicure).


Alas, we all remember the French manicure for the cute look it once was; attention Fashionistas:  its time to take back the French manicure! Personally, I’m a fan of a very subtle French mani. This includes your natural nail, a light polish with a thin painted on white line.  As we all know by now acrylic nails can leave your nails extremely brittle, thin and flat out ugly – not very chic. Please do yourself, fashion and the name of the French manicure a favor and steer clear of fake acrylic nails. There’s  proof natural nails are the way to go with French manicures. It’s been spotted on the runway and red carpet in the past few months from big names like Chanel, Eva Longoria and Cheryl Cole. What do you guys think? Daring enough to try this look yourself, give it a try with these simple steps!

-First file your nails to the length you desire. File in one direction to avoid breakage.
-Then you will need ten pieces of scotch tape or rubber bands.  This is to make a perfectly straight line across your nails without even trying!
-After you have successfully applied the tape or wrapped rubber bands around finger to create a line at the tips of nail, take white nail polish and paint about the line, leaving you with the instant French manicure look.
-Do this to all of your fingers, wait until every nail is finished then remove the tape or bands and paint over whole nails in a light pink or clear color. If you chose to paint over in light pink, then apply a top coat for a glossy finish.

Let us know how your at home French manicure turns out! Comment below and tell us if you’re on board with French mani.


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