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A favorite shop stop of Trend Hungry, Nich Boutique has been selling sunnies since day one for only $10.00, never a penny over.  That skinny-budget style savvy comes from store owner and visionary Kristy Mak, who firmly believes in affordable sunglasses, and style for that matter. We got the chance to sit down with the creative behind Nich and hear why she loves saving when it comes to sunnies.

Kristy Mak

1. When it comes to sunnies, what’s your philosophy on price?

I believe sunnies should always be affordable. Personally, I would never spend over $25 on a pair of sunglasses.  

2. Why are sunglasses worth going cheap on? 

You wear sunglasses nearly every day so your sunglasses should match your outfit.  You wouldn’t wear the same pair of shoes everyday, would you? And how many times have you sat on, lost, or broken a pair of sunglasses?  Affordable sunnies allow you to replace them without breaking your budget.  Keeping sunnies penny-friendly allows you to buy a back-up, like in another color or style!

3. So how do recommend standing out in affordable sunglasses?

Affordability gives shoppers the courage to try something new without feeling bad about spending the money.  Printed sunnies, throwback 80’s styles, or exaggerated cat eyes don’t seem as daunting when you’re only spending $10.  

4. What about those high-fashion looks or designer sunnies that are so coveted? How do you recommend savvy shoppers achieve designer style on a skinny budget?

What a lot of shoppers don’t know is that when you are buying a “designer sunglass,” often times the designer themselves have nothing to do with the sunglasses.  They just sell, or license out, their names to manufacturers so they can slap on a logo to their own designs.  The big bug eye Chloé glasses that were all the rage years ago were available in plenty of stores for less than $25.  You don’t need the logo to get the look.

5. What is the greatest benefit to purchasing skinny-budget sunnies?

Sometimes more is more!  Get a few pairs for different outfits and different moods.  Keep one in your purse, one in your car, and another pair by your front door!

6. What’s hot right now for spring/summer 2013?  

While aviators and wayfarers are classics, printed sunnies are huge now (think tribal and vintage floral), as well as variations on the cateye.  Ombre is also big in glasses now where the top of the frame is dark and gets lighter to clear towards the bottom of the frames.  

7. What’s your signature sunnie style?

I’ve been rocking the circle 70’s glasses.  Think Harry Potter meets John Lennon.

In honor of Kristy’s budget stance, here’s a slew of sunnies for you to peruse, all under $10, of course!!


[Photo credit: Weld Photography]



I’m totally in agreement with you both on cheap sunglasses… I get chastised at home for having so many pairs, but without fail I break a pair or scratch a lens up to the point that they just aren’t wearable on a normal basis. And of course I start with my regular pair, but leave them on the counter at home and need a back up pair in my truck which end up down in the bedroom and then I’m squinting as I drive to work! lol

LOVE some of your examples… I may need to go shopping!


Yay for cheap sunnies !! and Kristy Mak


Thx for reading!! We LOVE Kristy!

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