Capes aren’t just for super heroes. They’re for fierce females too!

They wrap around your whole top half. Think of a skirt, but made for your upper body.

Capes are super similar and often confused with ponchos. A poncho is more like a sweater and a cape has more jacket-like features. Both are over garments sans sleeves.

Celebs: Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian,  and Kate Hudson & Lily Allen both spotted in a gorgeous Louis Vuitton cape.
Skinny Budget: It’s like a jacket – a thin one solely for fashion is under $30.00 at Forever 21, but one that will keep you as warm as a winter coat will be a little more. Still JCP has one under $75.00 and New York & Company for under $60.00.
Tag: Contrast Knit Cape, $29.80 at Forever 21.



love the psychedelic print from louis Vuitton

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