Shopping is basically a drug. You get something new, LOVE it, model it around your house, wear it… then a little time goes buy and you feel that urge again. It’s a craving and as you know we Trend Hungry ladies refuse to drop serious dough on this, as we know another craving will arrive soon after.

currently craving: lucite wedges

It’s a terrible cycle, but these shoe will keep your fashion appetite at bay. Why? Because they are so freaking fabulous.Here’s why….

– They’re wedges. Way more comfy than heels.

– Thin wedge. That means this shoe ain’t bulky, but more feminine and ladylike.

– Lucite. This luxe clear-looking plastic is def on trend and we’ve seen it on shoes, bags, jewelry, and furniture.

currently craving: qupid lucite sandal

Pair With:  They’ll go with a ton. Wear with colored jeans, boyfriend jeans, ankle pants, a maxi dress, a hi-low dress, any dress, and wear them often!

Tag: Qupid Burton Lucite Sandals, $49.50 at Pacsun.

Does this shoe call your name? Check out more nude wedges I scoped out over at at the Simon Mall Styles Setter blog.

What do you like/dislike about this shoe? Comment below!

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