Okay, this weather has been seriously throwing my blog photoshoot schedule way off. Last weekend it snowed, yeah, snowed! I know, #crazy #Imoverit #movingon. Now that I got that social-media banter out I can move on this latest outfit post. This is pretty much my go-to type of outfit. Skinny jeans, a flattering tee shirt, a cool little jacket, and some of my typical accessories  — vintage mini-statement necklaces, a vintage clutch that I got years ago for like $4 (it may have been less, I can’t remember), some understated shades and heels … and I’m out the door.

I’d rock this style for a creative meeting (in my work pretty much every meeting is creative), meeting up with a styling client, or just out for drinks and food with friends. It’s kind of casual, a little dressed up (thanks to the jacket + accessories), and looks like I’m not trying too hard… the entire vibe I’m always going for.  Keep scrolling for pics and style tips.

AG jeans

Jessie Holeva wearing LOGO by Lori Goldstein

how to wear gray jeans

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{ Style Tips }

1. Find a look you like and wear it again and again. I love switching it up (evidence: all the previous outfit posts), but certain combos are worth wearing on the regular. A look you know you love adds confidence to the day. True story: if I really hated my outfit I used to fake sick to go home from school. I can’t do that as an adult so I gotta be sure that I like my outfit before I leave and this is one combo I often turn to.

2. Add a jacket with a draped front to your wardrobe essentials. The shape on my topper is an outfit power player. It’s crazy flattering on the figure, making you look thinner + taller, all while keeping ya warm and adding some midsection coverage too.

3. Opt for vintage accents to make your outfit extra unique. This bag and the necklaces are items that I wear a ton and they always seem to snag the compliments. They were also crazy cheap (bought the necklaces at an estate sale and the bag was from a thrift shop) and are crazy special to me. I love how they infuse a ladylike energy to any outfit.

Philadelphia style influencer

{ LOGO by Lori Goldstein top (it’s actually a twin set!), QVC| LOGO by Lori Goldstein ponte jacket, QVC | AG jeans, Nordstrom | French Connection heels, DSW | Ray-Ban ‘Clubmaster’ shades | vintage bag + necklaces } similar styles in the showroom below

style blog

Speaking of vintage, while trekking around Manayunk to snag these pics we also stumbled into a super-cool little vintage store with the loveliest of things called Millay. The owner let us browse and snap some pics. I’ll be blogging those in a separate post and sharing some of my favorites from the shop. And guess what, they have even more amazing vintage styles online. Stay tuned for more on Millay Vintage!

Philly vintage shop, Millay Vintage

Dare To Wear } a blog series dedicated to “dare to wear” the same thing three ways. If you’re gonna buy it, you better be able to wear it at least three ways, right? Photos by Audrey Gallagher.

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