Woohoo! It’s week two of Dare to Wear – aka the new blog series where we show you three ways to wear a trend so you can gasp, dare I say it “dare to wear” it three weeks in a row! This month’s trend is colored denim & we opted to style with a hot hue, bright pink!

how to wear colored jeans

Whether you’re off to class, your cubicle, a meeting, or the library, this outfit was made to be comfortable without much effort, while still looking like you tried. Isn’t that the outfit dream checklist (?!??) – easy, effortless, comfortable, stylish… and let’s not forget about affordable.

Throw on your glasses, toss the tresses out of your face, and get that paper, work report, invoice, email, or whatever you’ve been putting off done. Ugh, this makes me miss my college library. It was easier to get work done there than at the Trend Hungry HQ (aka my apartment).

how-to-wear-pink-jeans IMG_8702

Tag: Chambray (old) // Sweater: Sonoma Lifestyle ,$30 $21.00 // Jeans: Rock & Republic, $88.00 $17.80 //Boots: Candies, $64.99 $47.99

Special thanks to Kohl’s for providing the clothes and to Audrey Gallagher for the beautiful photos. Check back next week for look three.




Freaking adorable, Jessie! I love the pink pants.


Thanks Emily!! Glad to get Her Philly’s approval!! 🙂

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